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Not sure if it’s the same thing but I had an s heart attack and in hospital, on the cath table, I flatlined for a few minutes, twice. And both times I could hear the machine flat lining me and I could hear everything the Never underestimate an old man who is also a Disc Jockey shirt! I couldn’t see or move or speak, but I absolutely heard what was taking place. This looks like the beginning stages of eternal life. If they can do this and bring back consciousness, then they just have to revive or replace the major organs and you can live again after death or keep an old person alive when they are close to death in theory. Keeping a few brain cells alive is meaningless if brain function can’t be preserved. A person deprived of oxygen can be revived after a surprisingly long time, but it doesn’t matter. Brain function is forever lost in a few minutes. Once lost it cannot be restored.

There are already experiments done to upload your cerebral activity (your memory) which are electrical synapses into the digital realm. Eternal life is already being attempted. We have to remember that our bodies are only a mere vessel. The mind/spirit is virtually eternal. Sestan said the findings have profound implications for stroke therapies and other disorders that cause brain cells to die. Co-researcher Stephen Latham, director of the Abadass pitbull dad shirt, said the same process could be used to preserve organs harvested for donations. Having dealt with Chemotherapy for several years it’s a terrible thing to deal with children or adults! But having grown up on the farm in the midwest a pig is a pig and dealing with the stench is not something you want inside! Leave them to the farmers!

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