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The city is supposed to ticket and tow, but they don’t actually enforce that law. So one night I was shoveling out my driveway, and boy was I angry. After I cleared my driveway, I proceeded to clear the America shadow Uop racing team shirt In addition,I will do this other half of the street with my shovel, piling all the snow to block in his vehicle. It was a masterpiece. I carefully piled the snow not to actually pile the snow, but there was a mountain of snow about 8 feet tall, he would have to clear just to get to his car. Then he would learn I had also packed his tires with snow, so he would have to spend an extra hour clearing to get the car out. I was feeling rather proud of myself and imagining his frustration when he went to try and leave for work. He would probably miss work altogether. Further, since he was in a feud with my neighbor across the street who felt he owned the spot, I wouldn’t even be a suspect for his revenge. Of course, by then all my anger was gone so I spent the rest of the night clearing that snow away. So presumably when he got up in the morning is all he would see is someone had cleared out the snow around his vehicle. That ended his feud with my other neighbor, as he assumed they did that as a goodwill gesture. And one good turn brings another. So eventually he stopped parking there in the winter and went back to parking in his empty driveway, and everyone was happy. Well, my dad wanted a second opinion so he called our local workshop in Denmark where he lives and they told him that the engine on this Porsche would not be destroyed in case of a timing belt break. Due to the fact that it was with low compression and the pistons would not hit the valves. He decided to get it transported to our local dealer in Denmark and continued his vacation in a rental car. When he got home a couple of weeks later he called the local shop to hear how bad it was about 928 Porsche. They told him the car was repaired. No damage to the engine at All. They changed the timing belt and adjusted the engine. Made an oil change and a couple of other minor repairs. Price: 475 dollars. Now that is an honest mechanic.

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