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If these so-called climate change protesters put all this energy into cleaning the sea’s of plastic bags bottles went to the huge industries pumping out waste then it would be worthwhile…. and people would be more willing but to see all these people who either took annual leave or its their day off have no children to take to school or care for etc its really making me think these fools are a laughing stock and definitely making the public angry and making the Top shirt on 2020coloringshirts.blogspot on 2019/10/12 whole climate change a total waste of time oh quickly do something as the clock is ticking 11 months to doomsday

Gotham 5th anniversary thank you for the memories shirt

Cross I can Only ImaStevie Ray Vaughan Guitarist shirtgine Shirt

Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitarist shirt

Snoopy Driving vespas I love Patriots shirt

Never underestimate who understands football and love Trevor Lawrence Shirt

Sk Sk Sk save the Turtles shirt

Jesus Beer Party Like It’s My Birthday Shirt

Jeep Skellington love you matter shirt

Iron maiden 1975 2020 signature shirt

Grinch Hand holding Downton Abbey Christmas shirt

Freddie Mercury we are the champions Houston Astros Shirt

Al I need today is a little bit of Avengers and a whole lot of Jesus shirt


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