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Tommy O’Donnell, so you’re perfect in every way then? Or are you just a hypocrite? Going by what you just said if you have sinned once then you’re not a Christian and everyone sins. Paul Salako you’re really missing the Top shirt on 2020coloringshirts.strikingly on 2019/09/13  point here. Anyone being a sinner doesn’t mean you’re not a Christian and only God judges those sins. Patty Bennie, you’re right. it is in the Old Testament. and, I did mention Leviticus, but the subject got changed when you asked me if I wear a beard, which I do. but so what? and I don’t believe in slavery, either. So, once again I ask just where is it in the New Testament it says that being gay is all hunky-dory, shits, and giggles? STILL WAITING….. please tell me

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