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Paul Eshelman was did you get that rubbish from. Hong Kong has not been invaded by China. The troubles these are caused by a violent mob who don’t represent most citizens You’re acting like China wasn’t built on the genocide of natives, slavery, and imperialism. Or did Chinese history for you begin on October 1st, 1949? In which case you’d still have to acknowledge all the genocide. What the PRC is doing/has been doing in Tibet is similar to what the Top shirt on 2020coloringshirts.strikingly on 2019/10/03 US government did to the natives Americans in the 19th century. Same with the Uyghur Muslims in the west of China. You think a country that big just appears out of nowhere? China has the single bloodiest history of any country ever. Stop pretending that Mao was the first mass murderer in China’s history

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