Top shirt on blogspot on 2019/09/23

Kevin Sommers unfortunately their job in the House is to propose bills and conduct oversight. With Mitch blocking every bill sent to the Top shirt on blogspot on 2019/09/23 Senate on you name it, hard to do much. And then DJT is taking executive power to realms never seen before, its keeping everyone busy. Finally Mitch caves on 1 bill trying to protect elections… but everything else? Gun control, immigration…nada. Zip. I am so proud of him, we elected him to undo the horrible statism put in place by the communist provocateur Obama and by god he is doing just that. Obama should not be remembered as a president but a traitor who sold his country down the river for a book deal. Obama hates Americans and sympathizes with foreign bad actors and, he also disrespected the sovereign rights of the American people while espousing hug a thug stance on crime. He was and

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