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Your a shining light,when there’s to much darkness in this world,don’t ever talk yourself down your an incredibly strong woman. Stay strong Bless you, and your mum X my mum is nearly 90 and I’m lucky she’s ok .I see her nearly every day.i work 3 days a week…these comments have moved me..what is our country coming too…. Bless you, and yo one illness/disability/redundancy away from needing these systems that politicians are determined to erode to the Lutefisk recipe take one lutefisk get rid of it shirtpoint where we end up like the US. I know most people won’t judge me but reading some of these comments really get to me. I know they should’t but I’m only 21 and feel that I should be out working when instead I’m at home almost all day.

Lutefisk recipe take one lutefisk get rid of it shirt

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