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It’s literally a trend and a pissing contest with you morons to see who can destroy a child’s life faster, isn’t it? This is the We Go To 12 Seattle Football Shirt generation for parenting skills to ever exist!! If you’re not brainf*cking them, you’re throwing food in their faces, killing them at birth for self gratification, or like these deranged psychopaths, denying your children proper medical care because of your over-empowering beliefs in the Holy Spirit and (flat) mother earth!

We Go To 12 Seattle Football Shirt

We Go To 12 Seattle Football Shirt

The Clown Pennywise holding balloon drives jeep shirt

Rick and Morty it and morty shirt

Pennywise and Georgie Van Gogh Style shirt

Packers can suck my ditka and kiss my butkus shirt

Harry Pugger Harry Potter shirt

Ghost Announces Fall 2019 North American Tour shirt

Fairy Tail Family Friends vintage shirt

The Tigers of Auburn shirt

New England super soldier shirt

CH40S chicago cubs shirt

Pig if I’m moody give me foody shirt



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