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If Killmonger said or did something that heavily implies misogyny, then swapping the genders would imply the opposite and therefore make Killmonger a different character. However, changing the  I’m that crazy girl who loves Michael Myers shirt doesn’t do that for Killmonger. Swapping the genders was only one of my points, you conveniently left out the others.

I’m that crazy girl who loves Michael Myers shirt

Iron man and Natasha King and Queen shirt

Iron man and Spiderman Godfather and son best friends for life shirt

Jason God’s busy can I help you shirt

Jason Voorhees Normal people scare me shirt

Jason Voorhees riding unicorn shirt

Volkswagen Beetle New England Patriots Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle Minnesota Vikings shirt

Volkswagen Beetle Miami Heat Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle Minnesota Twins Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle Los Angeles Rams Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle Los Angeles Dodgers Shirt



































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