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I prefer the chase of back and forth unavailability and running into each others arms again and again and having the Trump Grinch Make Christmas Great Again shirt of that high. I can in fact live with or without and credit life experience to what I make of it individually and I think that emotional dependance is a huge distraction for me that I could not control. It’s not so typical but it is still a ride.

Trump Grinch Make Christmas Great Again shirt

The smiths shirt

The Town satan Golden State Warriors shirt

The Grinch Jeep Christmas shirt

Unicorn dubbing Hand of Glory shirt

The Joe Rogan Experience face shirt

The Golden girls thug life shirt

The General Lee car Christmas tree shirt

The ghost hunter shirt

The Grinch Be kind to animals or I’ll kill you shirt

Rocky Horror Pennywise Don_t Dream It Be It T shirt

Team Horror Monster Energy shirt






























































































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