Top shirts on iTeePig on 2021/01/12

Suddenly, the  Top shirts on iTeePig on 2021/01/12 in other words I will buy this clean, side-parted, faded style I had been wearing for years now seemed tired. I hadn’t tried a new hairstyle since I had emo-style bangs in high school, and I thought, If the era of social-distancing isn’t the time to experiment, when is? So, I simply middle-parted my mane and got to work, trimming the ends at both sides in a semi-angular shape (I’m not an expert, but that much I know to do). I then cleaned up the back and sides of my hair with clippers and, voila, I was ready to join a boy band. I immediately sent photos to my friends for their opinions. One said it was reminiscent of Josh Hartnett, in a good way. Another friend said I was channeling Jonathan Taylor Thomas. It seemed my new style was conjuring up images of retro hunks—no bad thing, in my books.

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