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The Count Counts today number is zero zero kids are listening to me ah ah ah shirt of funds from advertisers will have more impact on condemning this attitude that he can imagine. The media loves to popularize the dumbasses to spark outrage. And please crawl back under it. All the subscribers to his newspaper should just shut it down. Then make marijuana legal so the racists can buy something safe and effective to take their minds off of their hateful ways. This not a political view, it’s a racist extremist group invited to night ride. He must think he’s still in past history. Those days are gone.

The first few months of his office I was astounded on a daily basis. And I would always be shocked when nothing was done about one corruption or another. And now I have no expectations. It is terrifying! The first few months of his office I was astounded on a daily basis. And I would always be shocked when nothing was done about one corruption or another. And now I have no expectations. It is terrifying! This has turned into an I’m a simple woman who loves Harry Potter Disney and Avenger shirt from every angle and quite annoying I might add.

Now their weather is cool and awesome and if there any kind of life existing they also better than us there is no war no crime and no stresses please leave them alone, happy and peacefully. The school personnel picks a fight with a teen over a hot political and social issue. They did this to a teen because they knew they could excite a teen to an emotional bad response. This is not the Dammit Bobby I said propane not cocaine shirt of education. This is not how you treat teens.

One of the most viewed pictures ever and respected around the world now is sex offense God help us from this insanity. I didn’t have enough supporters so it turned into anybody without a story didn’t belong, a little time passes and everyone has a story. want to hear mine or is this a club that doesn’t allow diversity and equality. Agree or not with the Miami Florida Mr Ha Ha’s hot dog Hacienda best place for your birthday party shirt or what you might think it stands for the bottom line is that the lowlife scum that vandalized it is a criminal.

Let’s not go over the top I don’t think it is fair that anyone’s reputation is ruined based upon a comment or accusation alone especially if it happened so long ago. What if our grandkids put us on trial for what we do to the environment, how we argue or speak on social media, for not being more hands-on, for lacking civility, etc? I no longer take this seriously. All of this is just to destroy the Love Sloth St Patricks Day Green Shamrock shirt and just rip everything apart like flesh-eating zombies.

It is sad to conflate actual abuse, aggression, and harassment with this, and other things that are similarly innocuous. It diminishes the Kiss Me I’m A Veteran St. Patrick’s Day Irish shirt and just makes one question the judgment of those who do the conflating. Movement, but not everything that was culturally acceptable back then should be viewed by the lens of today. Many women went to welcome men back from war looking for a man or husband back then. As a human race, hopefully, we do learn from our mistakes.

I’m pretty sure a lot worse things happened other than a random sailor kissing a random nurse when the war ended folks. Can we just have some peace already? This is just beyond hateful! If she had a Doom Patrol shirt with the kiss, she should have said something. What did that accomplish? Nothing but to make certain females look ridiculous. Taking it too far. Certain both were happy to see each other after the long war. Even if perfect strangers. They were fellow Americans celebrating victory and that our troops were home.

Whether I agree with her or not, I admire her for standing up. She thought it was simply a fleeting moment to show the enthusiasm for such a major event ending. They all saw such horrible things during the John Delaney for president 2020 shirt and her family was a survivor. There were more pressing things in the world to worry about then an enthusiastic kiss from a sailor!

It is not a method moment unless she feels that it is. It is not for anyone else to impose that on her, or him. Stop looking for something to be mad about. You will always find it, and stay mad. I get this picture is a huge part of our history and one they most people assumed was a man kissing his wife/girlfriend when he made it back from the war. The Bunch of jerks shirt is he grabbed a stranger and kissed her. She did not enjoy it or ask for it.

It was an overwhelming moment in time. This is not sexual harassment. It was a different time. It was celebratory. I don’t hear people complaining about kissing people on New Year’s Eve! Actually, I was kissed as I was looking up at the Chick Chicky Boom Jim Carrey shirt to read the sign, and he was a very, very strong young man, and there was no chance of getting out of his arms until he decided it was enough.

How do we help become people literate to discern between these two scenarios? This really has become the Trump 2020 make liberals cry again sunset shirtfor our society. If we can easily and obviously see that from top of high sky buildings the things on ground slowly turns around and we can’t see anymore and look at a boat in the ocean, it slowly disappears and when we travel we clearly see the round earth from the plane and on and what about all pics taken from Earth!

Earthers never seem to notice that vast numbers of people observe the Sun steadily traversing the Seinfeld Costanza for 2020 President A campaign about nothing shirt about 15° per hour through approximately the same observer-centered plane from day to day for all stationary observers anywhere on the world, though those observers report different angles between their local ground and the Sun. Not true they actually bury conspiracy videos. And the flat earth theory isn’t just about the earth being flat it’s a wider concept. Ignorance, religious belief, a political ideology that is not mainstream, invade, perforate, creep into minds of those with little belief or opinions.

Let’s be honest, she’s the best thing to happen to conservatives since HRC lost. Every time she opens her mouth, her whole party looks dumber.  It’s really not her mouth that’s making the liberals look dumber, they are doing that by Maga make Alexandria go away shirt. Anyone with a passing grade in high school history knows socialism and communism never ever work out for the citizens. Alexandria is an idiot though. The New Green Deal is a joke and those who believe in it are the punch line. Shawn Foster Don’t underestimate the morons who follow her BS. There seem to be enough Free Sh*t people to keep her in the flow.

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