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Traditional knowledge they are still fighting to understand because Thats Africa s powerpoint!The Top shirts on chowchowshirt.hatenablog on 2019/09/20 unexplainable African technology dynamics are powerful we told them we can start a fire without a matchstick they invented matchstick..we told them we can fly without wings they invented fly machines they will never understand the Magic..thats why they labeled it Black Magic That’s good boy blessed you are because you are sweating with a reason to make yourself happy You are not stealing somebodys pleasure It is satan who give that power to some of his satan friends,, in islam if we recognize someone as magician …then he should be killed because he is also killing others by using this satan There is no money in being a magician, join your fellow

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Sanderson Bohemian Rhapsody shirt

Based On The Novel By Stephen King shirt

Bulldog Mummy Witch Dog Moon Ghosts Halloween Shirt

Massacre Machine Horror On A Dark Desert Highway Cool Wind In My Hair Halloween Shirt

Official Randy Watson Sexual Chocolate Shirt

Ryan Braun Forever milwaukee Shirt

You can’t scare me I work for Pizza Hut shirt

Unicorn I’m Not A Hot Mess I’m A Spicy Disaster Sunset Shirt

I Cut Hair Because Cutting People Is Frowned Upon Shirt

Unicorn Unless I’m Sitting On Your Face My Weight Is None Of Your Business Shirt

Unicorn Christmas Color light shirt

Black Cat Parody Horror Movie Shirt



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