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Those children are being used as props by their adult handlers for the sympathy of ohh no what are we leaving our children. If a child can’t vote they don’t have a voice with the politicians. One country can not clean up the planet alone when there are so many that just do what they want anyway. Children are getting used so much these days. Poor kids. Wonder how they’ll feel when they grow up and learn that earth is just going through it’s natural cycles and that climate change isn’t man made. It’s great that there’s so much awareness of this issue finally but I’m fed up of the onus being put on us, the Top shirts on chowchowshirt.hatenablog on 2019/09/23 individuals, when it’s really down to large corporations doing whatever the Hell they want. Realistically, it’s they who are using plastics

60 Years of Cowboys 1960 2019 signature shirt

All I Need Astros And A Whole Lot Of Jesus Today A Little Bit Of Astros Shirt

Avengers Endgame Horror Night Hvenger Shirt

Cards Jack Flaherty Yadier Molina Harrison Bader Jordan Hicks Paul Gold Schmidt Shirt

Friends Horror Character Playing Card Shirt

Gardner Minshew Face Shirt

Guitar lake shadow there will be an answer let it be shirt

Team Horror Cat Friends shirt

Team Nuts Team Boy Baby Gender Reveal Shirt

Dogs Make Me Happy Humans Make My Head Hurt Shirt

Hippie Girl Old Hippies Don_t Die They Just Fade Into Crazy Grandparents Shirt

Gardner Minshew #StacheMagic shirt

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