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The major difference between yesterday and now is, however, that today a select group of people are and will be able to make a fortune through the process of greenwashing, some with arguable results. Battling climate change is not so much a matter of ethical choice, as a certain Greta would have us believe, but rather an increasingly profitable enterprise. Those children are being used as props by their adult handlers for the Top shirts on chowchowshirt.hatenablog on 2019/09/27 sympathy of ohh no what are we leaving our children.

Fucking Impeach The Motherfucker You Fucking Fucks shirt

Halloween Black Cat Sunset Shirt

Hocus Pocus I Need Dunkin Donuts To Focus Shirt

Horror Characters Straight Outta Nightmares Shirt

I May Not Be Rich And Famous But I’m A Ptsd Survivor And That’s Priceless Shirt

Impeach Trump Impeach the MF shirt

Save A Vampire Donate Blood Halloween Shirt

Black Cat Freddy Krueger What Shirt

French Bulldog Tv Show Friends Shirt

Horror Characters Squad Goals Halloween Moon Shirt

I Died For You One Time But Never Again Shirt

Slowthai Fuck Boris Shirt

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