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This demonstrates several moral failings. It’s hardly a thing to get upset about. Well the loosers need something to make them feel better about themselves. Bless the little kiddies and adults. I’ve used cheats in one player ps games, way back. But only because I’m a fumbler, with poor rèlexes. It’s frustrating, buying a game with cool stuff that you’ll never see, cos you can’t beat the c Firstly the Top shirts on chowchowshirt.hatenablog on 2019/09/29 of the cheat knows it’s a cheat, knows they are doing wrong but because money is involved they don’t care. Second people buy the cheat to win because the consequences of being caught are so minimal because online identity is so fuzzy. Is there an argument to apply the same levels of identification to games as to setting up a bank account. Fewer people would play.

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