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Top shirts on CuteTeeShop on 2020/03/26


With the majority of the research on the Top shirts on CuteTeeShop on 2020/03/26 topic dry and data-driven, Shimada and Raphael decided to delve into the personal side of things. The pair conducted dozens of one-on-one conversations—primarily with women and non-binary people, though the underlying issues aren’t gendered—about how their use of social has shaped their offline lives. “What we’re trying to do is ask and explore the bigger questions on what it means to be alive in this day and age,” says Shimada. “[We’re] in an increasingly uncertain world where our governments are failing us, our environment is perishing, and so many of us are waking up to the fact that we have been conditioned to believe lies about power, wealth and status bringing us happiness—a message that social media exacerbates. Introspection, questioning and reflection are what is required of all of us if we want to not only grow but push ourselves — and the world we live in — in a direction that helps move all of us forward.

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