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I was walking down a hallway at Isanti Elementary School with my daughter post-conference when I saw this young woman standing the Top shirts on Goldenteeshirt on 2020/10/24 with a pamphlet. People were avoiding eye contact with her, and I had guessed she was selling something or trying to convince parents to join yet another time-consuming club. As we got closer, I noticed she was asking parents for a minute of their time to talk about foster care. I don’t know why exactly, as on most days I felt like I already was struggling to parent my own children, but I stopped and listened.

Visit Palestine make hummus not walls shirt

Keep your gin up life is good shirt

I like Tractors and Cows and maybe 3 people shirt

Buffalo Stampede Shirt

Bowling no one fights alone diabetes awareness breast cancer blue shirt

Blacker the vegan sweeter the juice shirt

Turtle on the naughty list and I regret nothing light Christmas sweater

The Vegans in the hood are always hard shirt

Nurse thick thighs save lives shirt

Los Angeles Hyenas Attack With The Pack Shirt

Logo ACB shirt

Joe Kelly Face Nice Swing Bitch Shirt

I’m the crazy beagle mom everyone warned you about shirt

Gnome and Truck faith hope love inflammatory breast cancer awareness Halloween shirt

Dear Santa Just Bring Wine Christmas sweater

Bullmastiff Dog Bye Bye 2020 Christmas New Year Sweater

Bobs Burgers It’s not a Dad bod its a Father figure vintage shirt

Rings Champions NBA 2020 finals Los Angeles Lakers shirt

I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked shirt

Happiness is smell of brotchen in the morning beer and wurst in your belly and Germany in your heart shirt

George Kittle national tight end day 2020 shirt

For god has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind 2 timothy 1 7 shirt

Teofimo Lopez The Four-Belt Champ Shirt

Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar signature shirt

Schnitzel eating team shirt

Santa Chicken light Christmas sweater

My Birthday 2020 face mask the one where I was in Lockdown shirt

KC Girl Dad baseball shirt

Gnomes this is my it’s too hot for Ugly sweaters Christmas sweater

Christmas 2020 Santa face mask the one where we were Quarantined Christmas sweater

Chicken black moon Halloween shirt

BTS chibi band music Dynamite signatures shirt

Baby it’s Covid out side Ugly Christmas sweater

Woman not today multiple sclerosis shirt

Witch into the darkness I go to lose my mind and find my soul Halloween shirt

The little voices in my head keep telling Me get more Dogs shirt

Samurai Bushido With Torii Shirt

Never underestimate an old woman with cat and crochet skills shirt

Jack Skellington Santa Christmas sweater

I like Horse and Dogs and maybe 3 people shirt

Owl on the naughty list and I regret nothing Christmas shirt

Official Merry Christmas by order of the Peaky Blinders sweater

November man the devil whispers to the warrior you cannot withstand the storm’ the warrior whispers back I am the storm shirt

National League Champions Los Angeles Dodgers 4 Atlanta Braves 3 shirt

Miami QB1 shirt

Merry Christmas by order of the Peaky Blinders sweater

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Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 National League Champions 1890-2020 shirt

Jesus take the wheel Ugly Christmas sweater

Jesus 2020 our only hope shirt

I’m pretty for a big girl shirt

If I’m flirting with you please cooperate shirt

Wolf it doesn’t matter what I am hunting if I see a Coyote it turns into a coyote hunt shirt

Viking violent when necessary shirt

Reindeer make Me happy you not so much Christmas shirt

No Love No Tacos Shirt

Max Fried Spongebob Squarepants Shirt

Kirk Minihane Drawing Shirt

Joy Hope Love Peace Tree Christmas Shirt

I Wanted Some Time Off Work But This Was A Bit Extreme Shirt

Goat Black Metal Matters shirt

Cat shhh my coffee and i are having a moment I will deal with you later shirt

Bourriquet Quarantined shirt

When a trucker says he will fix something he will there’s no need to remind him every six months shirt

Turn that damn jukebox on shirt

Some people are just born with books in trier soul it’s Me I’m some people shirt

Sober Son Of A Bitch Everything’s Real Shirt

One bite everyone knows the rules shirt

Non Commercial Holiday Festivus 2020 Shirt

No Love No Tacos Food Grill Humor Shirt

Leonard Cohen Our Bodies Are Falling Apart Shirt

I didn’t ask to be norwegian I just got lucky shirt

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Dream Merch Crowns Not Frowns Shirt

Car the juice is loose shirt

Being Normal Is Vastly Overrated Halloween Shirt

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Tony Gonsolin Cat Paws Shirt

Owl reading book nerds don’t old they become rare first editions shirt

Grinch Get In Losers We’re Saving Whoville Christmas Sweatshirt

God is great Horses are good and people are crazy shirt

Gnomes All I Need Is A Little Bit Of Insulin Shirt

Vote Biden 2020 Nurse for Biden American Flag Shirt

Teofimo Lopez Four Belt Champ Shirt

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Small Dick Big Dream Shirt

Scranton Electric City White Shirt

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I Practice Stitch Craft Crochet Shirt

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