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Houff all of which were spearheaded by President Obama! Do some fact checking & you will see that unemployment record is less than President Obama’s. As for stock market, it also was started by Obama and has been on an upward trend for 10 Marco Perez just as I figured, another uneducated liberal embarrassing themselves in front of all of social media, doesn’t even realize it. His own lawyers have said he would perjure himself under lease make this happen.  I’d love to see him questioned about anything under years has been in office 3 years. As for no new wars, what war did President Obama start, those going during his tenure were all started by republicans!! Also you might check out the  national debt & deficit under they are Top shirts on Hamsterstee blogspot on 2019/10/17 

Supernatural Winchesters Hunter Are My Favorite People Christmas Sweatshirt






































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