Top shirts on Hamsterstee gearbubble on 2019/10/04

AJ Dunning I have no problem with farm aid because family farms are the Top shirts on Hamsterstee gearbubble on 2019/10/04 most vulnerable and are going bankrupt. Trump what protest?  I didnt see a protest.  The security guards were very fine people I can tell you that.  No one told me about any protest.  I have no knowledge of any one being beat up at the protest that I never knew happened.   Does anyone believe I would tell security to hurt anyone?  Never happened.  Fake news and my check hasn’t arrived.  I protest everything he does & says.  Send my check please. Lynn Archer there is at least one video of him saying ” beat the crap out of him, ill pay the legal expenses “. So we know he’s all for it.

Perfectly Posh I’ll Be There For Go Shirt

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