Top shirts on hamsterstee on 2019/10/06

So what;s he going to testify to? He was in the Top shirts on hamsterstee on 2019/10/06 with dozens of witnesses to his location and actions. “I was inside and didn’t even see the protest, much less what they allege occurred”, end of testimony. Marco PTua Tagovailoa All I Need Today Is A Little Bit Of Alabama And A Whole Lot Of Jesus Signature Shirterez just as I figured, another  uneducated liberal embarrassing themselves in front of all of social media, doesn’t even realize it. His own lawyers have said he would perjure himself under oat please make this happen. I’d love to see him questioned about anything under oath. Sadly, he can get away with everything. he’s corruption at its best and yet there he sits in the most prestigious office in the world.

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