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Biden was threatening to withhold financial aid unless Ukraine replaced its top prosecutor. It’s also not clear if Hunter Biden was a focus of that investigation when it was occurring.” And it even came from CNN. In case you Mark Murray : Look, no Dictators’ Family as been ever so corrupt like The Top shirts on Hamsterstee wordpress on 2019/09/26 Trump-Kushners! You know what? Every one can use your fascist rhetoric of reversing the reality, like saying Obama and Hillary Clinton should be locked up, or the Dems are racists, and Toxic-45 is the best President since Lincoln. The Bidens won’t ever reach the amorality as the Trumps. Mark Murray Politicofact- true story

Mickey Mouse Scatter Kindness Shirt

Black Cat And Beer Mug I Do What I Want Black Retro Sunset Shirt

Earth Day There Is No Planet B Vintage Shirt

Hogwarts Wasn’t Hiring So I Teach Muggles Instead Shirt









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