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As for no new wars, what war did President Obama start, those going during his tenure were all started by republicans!! Also, you might check out the Top shirts on Hamstertee.hatenablog on 2019/09/07 national debt & deficit under tRUMP, they are skyrocketing!If he wins,he wins. But I would start impeachment no matter if he wins the next election or not. If you are in Congress one of you’re jobs is to hold him accountable. was honing in on the criminal activities of Jr’s company. That investigation was also proving that VP Biden was doing business for a corporation on U.S. Tax Payor time and money. Which is a conflict of interest and breaking of a crap load of American policies and laws. And now the libtards are screaming racism and impeachment

Tua Tagovailoa All I Need Today Is A Little Bit Of Alabama And A Whole Lot Of Jesus Signature Shirt

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