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Top shirts on Myordertees on 2019/12/04


After reading all these comments and exposure to the Top shirts on Myordertees on 2019/12/04 debate around human impact on planet earth, is bombing really the best you can think of?Sorry but if you cant be bothered then your just as bad as the people who dont want to report, it’s quite a simple Google search as to what is happening in south africa right nowUreeba Bibi-ehsan you came to my comment thread and introduced a new topic. I thought you might have some of your own thoughts to share. Maybe not.John Simpson what about all those no capitalist countries in communism or socialism, they are the biggest polluters. Best to do nothing then Mike Lewellen Grand Solar Minimum. Loads of record cold temperatures this year but all we hear is ‘warming’.<br><br>Sam, ok, blaming climate change on the earthquake in Japan is one theory. 6.5 inches off its axis.

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