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Neither of us want to make this personal and I honestly meant no offence. I actually think you sound like a great person who talks straight and doesn’t sugar coat things. One of my favorite things is blackberry picking, although my jam always ends up too hard. You’re right it’s not about the money. I’d give up my time for free to look after my mum. Gemma Kirk I don’t want this to turn into an argument about god/gods. Everyone’s beliefs are valid and should be respected. Bless you .your mum can be proud of you .not only do you care for your mum but get only pocket money paid .carers allowance is not very much. Plus guess your mum has to fight for every penny at assessments over and over again Emma Samways The Lacroix Sweetie Vintage Shirt irony of this is that I’m at work, on my phone, so, yeah…. ouch. But as an intern, I’m not getting paid, and there is literally nothing for me to do until January, so

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