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To many today want the country to provide you with everything! If that’s what you want move to a country that will do that for you and let’s see how much you like it! The Pennywise Fear The Green Bay Packers shirt rest of us patriotic Americans will stay here and continue to thank our hero’s and Almighty God for blessing us with the freedoms we have. Great speech from the biggest con artist of our lifetime. President Bone Spur has made a laughing stock of our country. It’s unbelievable how many Americans have fallen for his lies and hate. Amazing how many Christians have decided hate is acceptable as long as the economy is doing well. Our nation is morally bankrupt thanks to this man. He is a long-awaited change to pro-war, self interest presidents from secret societies who follow a new world order agenda that wants total control over the world. God placed this man in power to change political horizon.

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