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I pray she is OK! saw how rough their guards were with reporters! Also saw allot of reporters who tried to rush in for pictures they were doing they job as was our secret service but they are rougher! Media did cross over ropes set up to stop them. There is the Nancy Pelosi Liberal Democrat Shirt problem. Frigging media are too stupid to know when to act civilized. Koran’s aren’t going to let press in close no more than security was going to let the Korean press close. It’s a security issue. Maybe the media should learn this and respect leaders of foreign nations. If she’s that easy to bruise, she isn’t going to last long. Maybe that’s why she is running background checks on reporters and only letting in the friendly ones.

Nancy Pelosi Liberal Democrat Shirt

Lizzo 2020 100′ that bitch shirt

Joker all movies reflection water shirt

Jack Skellington and Sally love New England Patriots shirt

Nancy Pelosi And Chuck Schumer Funny Parody 2019 Shirt

Witch Ghost and Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

Violet Crawley, I never argue I explain shirt

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