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I had made it a practice to read this book every year. Now after I had stopped doing that after several years, a bible study partner mentioned he had been reading Knowledge of the Holy. That prompted me to pick it up again and I finished reading it in three sittings. It is indeed a short book filled with a wonderful word display of the attributes of God. The first is that the right-thinking of who Top shirts on President2020shirts on 2019/12/03 is might be the most essential concern for the committed Christian. Here he states the fact in the negative: “I think it might be demonstrated that almost every heresy that has afflicted the church through the years has arisen from believing about God things that are not true, or from overemphasizing certain true things so as to obscure other things equally true. To magnify any attribute to the exclusion of another is to head straight for one of the dismal swamps of theology, and yet we are all constantly tempted to do just that.

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