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Women think more in terms of personal pleasures than their health and before they realise something is wrong , it has almost taken over the Top shirts on snakesshirt.stite title on 2019/10/14 entire system. It should be health first and other pleasures secondary. Even in terms of child birth, two kids is enough if you want to live long. You don’t need any doctor to tell you.

Black Girl Catch Flights Not Feelings Shirt

Paw I’ll be there for you friends shirt

Nothing Else Matters 38 Years 1981 2019 Metallica Signature Jesus Shirt

Not A Cop Shirt

Steeden NRL Christmas Tree shirt

Pink Floyd Framed Memorabilia in heaven shirt

Hippie Car Harry Potter Autism Autumn Shirt

The Little Voices In My Head Keep Telling Me Get More Guitars Shirt

Stitch Ohana Christmas Lights Shirt

Once Upon A Time There Was A Woman Who Really Love Cats And Penguins It Was Me The End Shirt

I’m Not The Sweet Girl Next Door I’m The Crazy Heifer Down The Street Shirt

Lisa Simpson I Am The Lizard Queen Shirt

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