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The referendum should never have been held or presented to the country in the way it was. You can’t unpick a lengthy and complex relationship with a yes/no answer. I voted to remain and we wouldn’t have had all this nonsense had we maintained the Buffalo Bill’s EST.1991 shirt quo which was far better than the mess we have now.That guy done nothing but rant at him, Boris has had nothing but his hands tied over and over again. I am pretty fed up with this now, it’s beyond a joke, a vote was made and we should be following democracy 100% what ever your views! I have been shocked at how torn our parliament is and disgusted with how the voters have been ignored!

Buffalo Bill's EST.1991 shirt

Buffalo Bill’s EST.1991 shirt

Josh Donaldson Cloude With A Chance Of Longralls Shirt

Mickey Mouse this is my scary halloween costumes shirt

My Governor Is An Idiot shirt

Never underestimate a legend who was born in december shirt

New York Championships US Tennis 2019 shirt

Para squad I’ll be there for You shirt

Paraprofessional fabulous sassy and magical like a unicorn only better shirt

Pikeville college bears 2011 national champions shirt

Pizza dude’s got 30 seconds vintage shirt

Plus Symbol Greater Than Division Symbol Math, Stay Positive Shirt

Virgo I facts is most known for human lie detector and the realest shirt

Never mess with a west virginia girl we know places where no one will find you shirt


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