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It’s amazing to me how this man can come and outright lie to all Americans and think that we actually buy any of this. No foreign power decided the 2016 election. We the People decided the election. The Any Functioning Adult 2020 Shirt just cannot handle the fact that they lost an election they were so sure was theirs to win. President Trump campaigned and did exactly what Obama told him to do he went out and got the votes. I agree Rep. Schiff, We want a fair trial in the Senate as well because President Trump sure as heck didn’t get one in the House of Representatives.

Any Functioning Adult 2020 hoodie

Any Functioning Adult 2020 Shirt

Two kinds of People have die for me jesus for my sins a marine for my freedom shirt

Trust Me Mandadlorian I am Baby Yoda Shirt

Trump keep America great 2024 shirt

Timothese Chalamet Sports Fan’s Handmade Shirt

Stone Cold Kansas City Shirt

Never underestimate a woman who understands football Ravens shirt

Snoopy And Woodstock Kiss Me I’m Irish Shirt

Mickey Joker Haha Shirt

Baby Yoda Hug Surgical Tech Shirt

Linkin Park 24th anniversary 1996 2020 thank you for the memories shirt

I’m a San Francisco 49Ers and a San Francisco Giants fan for life shirt’


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