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Pamela Arrington wrong! What they are doing is correct and according to the Los Angeles Superteam Shirt rules. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it wrong.well the constitution says that there has to be a vote on an inqury and they did not vote on it. so who is breaking the law this is by far the dirtiest thing Democrats have ever tried. I thought it was bad with Kavanaugh but this is far worse ..they’re going to keep on until the country erupts in a full fledged war over their dirty politics and corruption.

Los Angeles Superteam Shirt

Zion Williamson Domination tour 2019 2020 shirt

Wu Tang Clan The Legends Rapper Shirt

Sydney Roosters players Christmas tree shirt

Samurai Chauffeur Shirt

Official Cleveland That I love Shirt

Nothing else matters lyrics Christmas Tree shirt

Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Harry Potter Hermione And Ron Weasley Christmas Tree style Friends tv show shirt

Face of Pennywise mashup Horror Character shirt

Eagles played beginning to end Hotel California shirt

10th Season of Matter Chef 2010 2019 Shirt

Homey In Living Color Don’t Play That Shirt

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