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I beg to differ, I know more about China than you think, I have made it a point to study China. I currently live in Hong Kong and have visited over 20 cities in the Horror Character Walking Road Shirt 15 years. There’s a lot about China I love, but not so much when it comes to the government. Through my studies, I have a pretty good understanding of their political and educational system. I will agree with ONE statement you made though, “no country has absolute democracy and freedom” To add, it’s alarming how much reach China has in propagating its version of facts and fictions. Anyway, believe what you want and best of luck in life.

Horror Character Walking Road Shirt

Horror Character Walking Road Shirt

If The Women Don’t Find You Handsome They Should At Least Find You Handy Vintage Shirt

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Shirt

Jack Skellington Assuming I’m Just An Old Man Was Your First Mistake Shirt

John Mayer Big Shirt

Mother Of Nightmares Shirt

New York Yankees Brett Gardner Star War Shirt

Oldometer 34 90 Floral Shirt

Oldometer 56 90 Floral Shirt

Painting Happy Trees In Our Little World Shirt

Jack Skellington You Can’t Sit With Us Vintage Shirt

Vogue Ghoul Gang Halloween moon shirt

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