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If the company is admitting paying for the hours worked then it’s not that difficult to audit I suppose. Track down the 50th Anniversary Woodstocks vintage shirt payment authorised to the bank transfer to the workers or show the outgoing from the company bank account….A simple audit can confirm the statement of the company is true or not. Looks fishy to me .

50th Anniversary Woodstocks vintage shirt

50th Anniversary Woodstocks vintage shirt

Baby Jack Skellington and Pennywise shirt

Block him and prosper sis shirt

Bomba Squirred map shirt

Celso Pina Thank you for the memories 1953 2019 shirt

Character Horror Movies 1984 2002 shirt

Cher 56th Anniversary 1963 2019 Signature Shirt

Evanescence 25th Anniversary 1995-2020 Signatures Thank You For The Memories Shirt

Everybody has addiction mine just happens to be Freddy Krueger shirt

Freddy Krueger I want you for your soul shirt

Grateful Deadpool bears shirt

Buy Greenland Trump shirt

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