Top shirts on on 2019/09/30

I turned to CNN, just to hear what they are saying about impeachment. A woman had gone to Ukrainian to speak with two people involved. The Detroit Lions Energy shirt who believed Biden was quilty of bribery mentioned that Rudolph Giuliani was questioning about Bidens involvement just after Trump took office. Ok, doesn’t that prove this was way before Biden was a candidate?

Detroit Lions Energy shirt

Detroit Lions Energy shirt

Do it for Dellin 68 shirt

Halloween is coming Jack Skellington iron throne shirt

If you don’t wear brown and orange you don’t matter Cleveland shirt

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Energy Shirt

Tennessee Titans Energy shirt

Baby Dinosaur Christmas Tree shirt

Hello Fall Snoopy driving Cardinals shirt

Hello Fall Snoopy driving Chicago Cubs shirt

Simplicity is the key to brilliance halloween shirt

Violet Crawley I never argue I explain vintage shirt

Final Fantasy Tidus Ah Ha Ha Ha shirts


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