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The Amazon does not belong to mankind or to Bolsonaro. It is part of the ecosystem that sustains life on earth. Genetically modified cows and palm oil plantations are not part of any system that will sustain life on earth. The Snoopy driving Vespa Los Angeles Dodgers shirt of the Rainforests is madness.The Amazon actually accounts for about 6% of our oxygen needs and further more even without trees the greenery which springs up after the fire provides much of that amount anyway.Forest fires are a normal phenomenon, even indigenous people’s use it as a natural way to manage the land.

Snoopy driving Vespa Los Angeles Dodgers shirt

Snoopy driving Vespa Los Angeles Dodgers shirt

Hamster Mom pick me up I’m scared shirt

Hello darkness my old friend I’ve come to drink with you again Guinness Beer shirt

LSU Tigers Game day y’all shirt

Snoopy driving Hippie car Volkswagen Beetle shirt

The only choice I made was to be yourself Unicorn shirt

Was ist blau und stört bei der arbeit shirt

Official Pisces girl unbreakable shirt

Official Pulp Frankenstein shirt

Official Who needs Santa I’ve got Grandma shirt

Official You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one Imagine shirt

Wander woman and Dogs driving Jeep go camping shirt


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