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Wow what a amazing man. Truly Has strong Christian beliefs.God bless this wonderful forgiving man. He is truly Christ like .Wishing him to have many blessings from the Lord This young man is amazing! The New Balance Need Beer shirt could learn from his example. May his family be comforted & his brother remembered and rest on peace Because sometimes it’s just like that. You never know how God works. Why one lives and one is taken away. But God knows. And knows the condition of our hearts. He works things somehow to the betterment of good. Sometimes we get to see it in our lifetime.

New Balance Need Beer shirt

New Balance Need Beer shirt

All I need today is a little bit of Harry Potter and a whole lot of Jesus shirt

Garfield Mickey Mouse Fusion Dance shirt

Jack Skellington face why so christmas shirt

My Patronus is a Groot shirt

Schlechter Tag Bier Guter Tag Bier Gestresst Bier Shirt

Stop making wack rappers famous shirt

Tee Represent Forever The King EST 2005 Shirt

The love never end bears family shirt

The love never end Chiefs Cowboys shirt

The love never end Chiefs family shirt

Eagle whisper words of wisdom let it be shirt

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