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Most children are driven to school, have mobile phones and wear the best clothes. Create signs to demonstrate with, all of which will go to landfill, all in the name of climate change.I don’t disagree with the Volleyball Girl Just Do It Shirt behind it, however I recently saw some of these children protesting.
These children are driven about in mums taxi 4×4, wearing top of the range designer stuff made in sweat shops abroad, wearing make up tested on animals all carrying the latest plastic case covered mobile phone with plastic key charms, plastic jewelry carrying plastic water bottles.

Volleyball Girl Just Do It Shirt

Official Sheep Baker Mayfield 6 shirt

Atlanta Braves Heart Diamond shirt

Big Belly Burger Death Star Shirt

Cards Jack Flaherty Yadier Molina Harrison Bader Jordan Hicks Paul Gold Schmidt shirt

Horror Night Hvenger Avenges Endgame Shirt

Houston Astros Heart Diamond shirt

I’m a Michigan State Spartan on saturdays and a Detroit Lion on sundays shirt

I’m a Ohio State Buckeye on saturdays and a Pittsburgh Steeler on sundays shirt

I’m a Rutgers Scarlet Knight on saturdays and a Dallas Cowboys on sundays shirt

I’m a Texas Longhorns on saturdays and a Dallas Cowboys on sundays shirt

Official Jason Vorhees Cat ch ch ch meow meow meow shirt

A woman Cannot survive on wine alone she also needs a friesian Horse shirt

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