Top shirts on on 2019/09/12

What will teenagers and undeducated people do for jobs? They aren’t going to magically have money to learn a skill. All this automation takes away entry-level experience for many people.No thanks. I’d prefer speaking to a human. Even if that means not totally understanding what each other are saying. Having said that, this is exactly why the Charlie Brown Snoopy Pig-Pen OMG Boo ghost shirt $15/hr nonsense is, well….nonsense.

Charlie Brown Snoopy Pig-Pen OMG Boo ghost shirt

Snoopy and Cleveland Indians driving Jeep shirt

Power 2014 2019 6 seasons 50 episodes shirt

Pennywise But I don’t want to go outside there are people out there shirt

My Patronus Is A Manchester United Shirt

Dark side of the moon 46th anniversary shirt

Chester Bennington 1976 2017 Legends never die shirt

Check your boo bees ghost shirt

Big Papi welcome home Boston Red Sox shirt

Ashleigh Barty Roland Garros champion shirt

Andy Murray 3 time Grand Slam champion shirt

Pennywise and Snoopy we all float down here shirt





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