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a good state is where people do not need medicare because they are healthy….a failure of a state is where medicare is needed by all of its citizens.I am to vp joe b and I will get you a niced $50,000 a month job on a Ukrainian gas company board of directors, I will fire the Brian Dozier Shirt Drop It Like Dozier Shirt who is looking into your company for corruption if they want $1,000,000,000 in taxpayer money to fight Russia who invaded Ukraine. by Gosh I got the prosecutor fired. son you will even be able to have cocaine in your system and get kicked out of the naval reserves love you dad Joe B I opine this but the facts are on video on TV for anyone to see or look up.

Brian Dozier Shirt Drop It Like Dozier Shirt

Hyun Jin Ryu It’s Happened BABE RYU Los Angeles Shirt3

Keep the change you filthy animal Home Alone shirt

Official I love you 3000 Iron man heartbreaker shirt

Official Pete Alonso Rookie Hr King shirt

Official The One Who Knocks Shirt

Ricks Kiss rocks shirt

There will never be another Joe Maddon shirt

Uncle Rico Gardner Minshew shirt

The Legend of Gardner Minshew II shirt

All I need today is a little bit of Harry Potter and a whole lot of Jesus shirt

Garfield Mickey Mouse Fusion Dance shirt





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