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If cities can choose to ignore federal law and grant sanctuary to whoever, then with the should be allowed to say weather or not they are capable of taken in refugees. Not every town and city can afford it. They should have the Darth Vader Hello Darkness My Old Friend Shirt to decide. Federal judges cannot make, change or dictate immigration or refugee laws. They can’t make any laws at all. Where in the constitution is refugee status covered? I’d like to know.

Darth Vader Hello Darkness My Old Friend Shirt

Snoopy I love someone with autism to the moon and back best shirt

Snoopy driving Autism it’s ok to be different shirt

Snoopy Clemson No One Likes Us We Don’t Care Shirt

Snoopy And Charlie Brown Driving Autism It’s Ok to Be Different Shirt

Show Me Kitties Vintage Shirt

Patin heartbeat vintage shirt

Party On Wayne Party On Darth Shirt

Parrot Autism It’s Not A Disability It’s A Different Ability Shirt

Neil Peart Shirt

Manchester United Players Signatures Shirt

Bear And Into The Forest I Go To Lose My Mind And Find My Soul Shirt

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