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They’re the St Patrick’s Day Loads Of Luck Shirt that launched a ballistic missile strike against an American base with the full expectations of possible reprisals for their actions – and did not stop/inform commercial air traffic operating within their country. Thirdly, Trudeau is a pussy.I would question wether he is truly an ally of the United States after making these statements. Obviously there is a direct correlation between us taking out the general and Iran mistakingly shooting down the passenger jet.

St Patrick's Day Loads Of Luck hoodie

St Patrick’s Day Loads Of Luck Shirt 

Straws Shark Shirt

The Beast Is Back Welcome Home 24 Shirt

Somebody had to be great why not me shirt

Sleigher don’t follow me I do stupid things sunset shirt

San Francisco 49ers Skull Punisher American Flag Shirt

Minnesota You Like Dat Shirt

Llama Autism It’s Ok To Be Different Shirt

Leprechaun Dabbing happy St Patrick’s Day Shirt

John Rick Shirt

Jedi Star Wars Chibi Characters Shirt

I Want You To Take Part In Shenanigans St Patrick’s Day Shirt


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