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Day 949 of the Trump admin. included Pres. Trump claiming China called him about a trade deal. China says that didn’t happen. The president also defended Russia, skipped a climate change meeting, and suggested the Volkswagen Beetle Steelers Shirt G-7 be held at his Florida resort.Recession scare is a Democrat propaganda design to cause panic in the market. In one quarter, we can debunk this myth that there will be recession. In half year, correction in trade will result in commodities pricing the same but made somewhere else not China.

Volkswagen Beetle Steelers Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle Steelers Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle This Is My Hallmark Christmas Movies Watching Shirt Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle Seattle Seahawks shirt

Skull Iron Maiden Harley Davidson Shirt

Skull Metallica Harley Davidson Shirt

Stop Staring At My Cock Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle San Antonio Spurs Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle San Francisco 49ers Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle San Francisco Giants Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle Seattle Mariners Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle St Louis Cardinals Shirt

Volkswagen Beetle St Louis Blues Shirt


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