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The government and the police are the JohnRick pencil and dog shirt servants so they should be humble and listen to their boss- the people of Hong Kong. When 2 million locals, judges, and many governments of the free world expressed their concerns about the amendment bill of the extradition law, the government should halt and withdraw officially in a way that made the withdrawal legitimate. Instead, the arrogant head of the government played word games and belittled the will of the people by justifying her acts as parenting care.

JohnRick pencil and dog shirt

JohnRick pencil and dog shirt

Joker Jackbicholson Quinn phoenix Hamill Heath ledger Romero shirt

Judge Smails 2020 you’ll get nothing and like it shirt

Kwa Horror Characters Straight Outta Nightmares Shirt

Other Engineers Me Unicorn Dabbing shirt

Pennywise on Lake We all float down here shirt

Stranger Wars Stranger things Star Wars shirt

Team Horror Selfie Friends shirt

Texas Longhorns hook’em horn shirt

The Conjuring Friends shirt

I’m a Disney uncle It’s like a regular uncle but more magical shirt

Official you coulda had a bad witch Hocus Pocus shirt

Rooster Why you all trying to test the Jesus in me shirt



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