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Boris Johnson is having done to him what he did to Theresa May. He’s on a hiding to nothing if he thinks he can treat MP’s like the 4 Years of Supergirl 2019 2019 5 season thank shirt kids at Eton. Why don’t MPs try to stop any negotiations that involve having no deal on the table and keep the country in this appalling state. Beggars belief that there are MPs and parties that blatantly disregard the voice of the people!

4 Years of Supergirl 2019 2019 5 season thank shirt

4 Years of Supergirl 2019 2019 5 season thank shirt

5 things you should know about this woman 1 she is a Penguin crazy lady shirt

19 Years of Shinedown thank you for the memories shirt

32th Anniversary Toriyama Akira Dragon Ball shirt

51th Anniversary Kraftwerk 1969 2020 signature shirt

Alexis Ohanian DARE shirt

Check out this awesome Captain Spaulding For President shirt

Dead Pool and here we fucking go again I mean good morning shirt

Dude Gotta Go 2020 Stop The Craziness shirt

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees Daaaaaaamn shirt

Halloween 1st annual area 51 5k fun run they can’t stop all of us shirt

Dante Alighieri I Did Not Die And Yet I Lost Life’s Breath Shirt

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