Top shirts on on 2019/09/05

Farage and his fascist cohorts muddied up the The Potus Donald Trump shirt with their extremist views and lies. The rest of the world is losing confidence in us, several car giants have decided to stop manufacturing cars and our steel manufacturers are on their last legs. Other countries have lost confidence in us because of the shambles and if we’re not careful we’ll be at the mercy of America and having to accept Trump who’s looking for a trade deal that will be far more to his advantage than ours.

The Potus Donald Trump shirt

The Potus Donald Trump shirt

Stay Strapped or get clapped sun Tzu the art of war shirt

Stan Lee excelsior ART shirt

Snoopy and Woodstock our flag does not fly because the wind moves shirt

Oxford Comma Appreciation Society shirt

Michael Myers With a Fuck fuck here and a fuck fuck there here a fuck there a fuck I don’t give a fuck fuck shirt

Heifer vintage Sometimes I have to tell myself it’s just not worth the Jail time shirt

Bulldog Husband Jack skellington and Sally shirt

Ak 47 the only communist idea liberals don’t like shirt

20 Years of Naruto kishimoto Masashi Thank you for the memories shirt

Team Horror Monster Energy shirt

Official New Balance Call me coco shirt

4 Years of Supergirl 2019 2019 5 season thank shirt


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