Top shirts Morishirt on 2021/04/19

Not only does it help keep things clean, but I also look forward to the Top shirts Morishirt on 2021/04/19 of sliding out of my work shoes and into slippers (I like to imagine they await my return home just as eagerly). I’ve only ever made one exception to my at-home shoe rule once, and it was during middle school. As a tall teenager, I owned exactly one pair of heels. They were blue 1950s pumps that my neighbor—who also serves as my pretend grandmother, and forever fashion icon—gave me, and they had a giant Union Jack on them. This was in the wake of Ginger Spice’s iconic Union Jack dress so these shoes meant everything to me. I just didn’t feel comfortable wearing them anywhere but at home for fear of towering over my friends. Every night, they would wait for me under my desk and I would wear them to do my homework after school. To this day, I’m sure those shoes still are at my parents’ house, worn-in on top but without a single mark on the sole.

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