Tropical skeleton i have a disease called it’s nice out so i’m drinking shirt

I’m 16. If I didn’t have my own room in a place with 3 bedrooms (dunno if this includes master or not) and shared it with 2 little boys I’d have been in juvie until I was 18 for double fratricide. Give your poor kid her own room, a 5 year old shouldn’t have preference over a 15 year old, you trail of uneducated snail mucus.

Tropical skeleton i have a disease called it’s nice out so i’m drinking shirt

Stuck between IDK IDC and IDGAF shirt

Maverich goose bring back that loving feeling shirt

Magicicada 2021 brood X shirt

Jesus take the wheel shirt

Im in it for the parking shirt

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I used to temporarily live in an apartment complex where most inhabitants were elderly people. My address was #1. One day, 2 young men came to try and sell PC and phone maintenance contracts for a rather high price. I had my phone in my hand and while listening to their smooth sales story, I looked up their company name and found them under several fraud warnings. Then I showed them what I had found, next I dialed a # and they asked me who I was calling. “The police”, I said.

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