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And what of the Unathletic shirt Furthermore, I will do this company’s own world-leader policy, announced in June of last year, that said Twitter would start flagging tweets from prominent government officials who break its rules against bullying and abusive behavior? (The company explained that it would apply to verified government officials, representatives, or candidates for a government position who have more than 100,000 followers.) According to a report on CNBC on Tuesday, that policy makes exceptions for heads of state, “arguing that it’s important to maintain their speech for the public to evaluate for themselves.” Some exceptions: if those heads of states “promote terrorism or violence or post personal private information on another person.” Of course, to anyone who’s been following Twitter higher-ups’ rules of engagement over the past few years, the site’s refusal to take action on Trump’s tweets shouldn’t be surprising. This is, after all, the site that creates de facto bans on sex workers while providing cover for white nationalists. Indeed, one of Scarborough’s frequent panelists, columnist Mike Barnicle


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