Unicorn Dabbing Chicago Cubs shirt

Most of all they trigger your innocence, your original divine essence to help you attain the blueprint of who you truly are. The Mermaid is an expression of a being living an artful life colourful, open to possibility and yet balanced and grounded. The mermaid is a symbol of when you feel most powerful, when you are creating and teaching. The mermaid lives in the element of water the element of the unconscious and dreams.

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She is my Superwoman who handed me the Unicorn Dabbing Chicago Cubs shirt and shield, told me I am the godkiller of my own story and handed me the rope that destroyed all the unnecessary things around me. Lilly Saini Singh has changed the course of my life and got it to whole another level which I never thought of. It was her voice that was on a playback in my ears when life knocked me down. It was her strength that made me strong and made me believe, hardwork pays off.

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